Florida Innovation Capital (FIC) is a venture capital fund focused primarily on startups in the state of Florida. Over the past few years, the collaborative network in Florida has grown to such an extent that it’s become vital for funders to support innovative high-tech businesses, entrepreneurs, faculty, students, and jobseekers. Florida is our primary focus, but we will also seek opportunities beyond the Sunshine State to enable Florida companies to grow through collaboration and cooperative innovation with strategic partners worldwide.

Our investment in boldly original startups is an investment in the economic diversity of the state. Our entrepreneurs contribute to Florida’s technology scene, fostering growth in their communities and continuing the tradition of the historic inventors who first defined Florida as an epicenter of innovation. Florida is facing a period of intense high-tech industry growth. In the last decade, the United States has witnessed a mass migration of remote workers, new startups and tech-sector job growth generate robust economies in new urban hubs. The country’s expensive, established tech cities are shedding workers and founders, while cities with lower taxes and warmer climates—especially Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Miami—are reaping the benefits.

Florida’s university system is expansive, with low tuition and nationally recognized education standards. Our STEM programs are consistently ranked in top 10 lists, producing a robust job-ready tech workforce to join innovative teams in biotech to space exploration. Florida has long enjoyed a rich history of invention and investment. These accomplishments inspire us and our entrepreneurs as we propel a new wave of startups and digital infrastructure across the state.


We are investors and mentors to early-stage startups, either as the lead or as side-car partners. We are industry-agnostic: our commitment is to grow companies deeply rooted in Florida and integral to the state’s future economic success. We have assembled a team of advisors who lead the first phase of every review process; these advisors come from unique and diverse backgrounds, having achieved remarkable success in their own fields. They are PhDs, researchers, and innovators themselves, all subject matter experts whose skills and experiences help us review every opportunity with a keen eye on feasibility, intellectual integrity, and economic potential. Our chief financial officer is a seasoned leader with a background analyzing both publicly traded and privately held companies. FIC’s advisors provide a specialized review ensuring when our capital is deployed, it will have the highest opportunity for success. We believe the advisory group we have created will be a strong differentiator during every pitch and review process.


If you’re an entrepreneur interested in applying, or you’re a local investor looking to connect with a fund comprising likeminded VCs, we encourage you to contact us.