Florida Innovation Capital (FIC) is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs in creating groundbreaking solutions, generating job opportunities, and contributing to Florida's thriving technology ecosystem. By investing in bold and innovative startups, we aim to promote economic diversity and play an active role in shaping the future of Florida's high-tech industry.

Our dual-fund strategy ensures that our portfolio companies receive tailored support and resources, enabling them to achieve their full potential and contribute to the growth of Florida's high-tech ecosystem.

Fund-1 is dedicated to providing early-stage, angel or seed investments to startups that demonstrate exceptional potential within Florida's high-tech ecosystem. By investing in these companies, we empower entrepreneurs to turn their groundbreaking ideas into reality and contribute to the state's thriving technology sector.

Fund-2 is designed to support startups in their growth trajectory by providing late-stage, Series A or B follow-on investments. This fund enables companies to scale operations, expand into new markets, and continue their growth journey. As part of our strategic approach, Fund-2 also aims to reinvest in successful Fund-1 companies, maintaining strong relationships with our portfolio companies and capitalizing on their continued growth.

For inquiries, please email us at info@ficptl.com. Or call us at (904) 858-9534 to connect with our team.